Cover Lover — MATCHED

All right, this cover may be an obvious choice — it’s been pretty much universally lusted over — but I adore it too much not to use it for my inaugural CL post. So here is the stunning cover of Ally Condie’s MATCHED (photo by Samantha Aide; jacket design by Theresa M. Evangelista):

Sigh. Isn’t it dreamy? So simple, yet so lovely and evocative. I know there are many who dislike the use of cover models, as seeing a particular face on a book can interfere with the joy of imagining a character for yourself. MATCHED’s cover neatly sidesteps that potential pitfall by only showing us the barest glimpse of Cassia’s face. Not only does this allow the reader to invent their own detailed image of Cassia, it makes the girl on the cover universal. She is certainly intended to be Cassia, but she could also symbolize any one of the countless other young women trapped by the Society.

I love that the color of the dress isn’t arbitrary; Cassia does wear a green dress in the book, and it in fact becomes a rather significant bit of imagery. Green is also important in another context, along with red and blue, which made me very excited to see this as the beginning of the sequel’s cover:

I will be thrilled to bits if the last cover is red! There’s something so satisfying about seeing all the books in a series lined up, thematically similar yet each unique. Candy for the literary soul.



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